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Answer to Your Questions

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General Questions

What films has Scarlet Letters worked on?

Please see a summary of film titles we've had the privilege of contributing to under the FILM TITLES tab.

Are you incorporated?

Yes. We are a California registered corporation.

Can we get a W-9?

You can email us via contact tab or call and we can fax or email you a W-9.

What is your street address?

Scarlet Letters
4130 Cahuenga Blvd.
Suite 108
Toluca Lake CA 91602

How can we get a job quote?

Please contact us via email or telephone with inquiries.

How long does it take?

What is normal turnaround for an end title?

Turnaround times vary, we'd prefer to address project by project.

File Uploads

Do you have an FTP site?

Most shows we work on we submit quicktimes or frame sequences via credentialed access to client or vendor Aspera or MediaShuttle accounts. We have excellent broadband but are restricted by studio security covenants to sending by this method, which is fast and secure. For independent productions we can use Hightail (with password), Dropbox, Box to move data. We can also set up project specific sFTP sites.

File Delivery

How do you typically deliver your end titles?

Most end title final renders, even at 4k or larger can be uploaded to digital intermediate facilities, even if across the nation or overseas. Usually the DI Facility will provide us a link to upload. For local Los Angeles facilities, if it is more efficient given size of parameters of project we can deliver on a portable drive.

Format / Capability Questions

Do you work on 3D (stereoscopic) titles?

Yes, we've worked on main and end titles for stereoscopic films. Please see OUR SERVICES > END TITLES > 3D STEREOSCOPIC.

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